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Neptune Notes

Mike was originally scheduled for surgery on Nov 12. The chart for that day and time looked good. Last week, it was rescheduled at the doctor’s request to Nov 5 at 2:00 pm.  This chart had Neptune, associated with illusion, drugs, misdiagnosis and errors in judgment, closely conjunct the Ascendant, which governs the body and health. This was alarming, but it was less than a week to surgery. All the arrangements had been made with his manager and work team, the insurance company, FMLA, the surgeon and the surgery center, and changing anything would be difficult.

But when the surgery center called to confirm, it had apparently been moved up two hours to Noon. That was much better. Neptune was still in the first house but no longer close to the Ascendant.

The day before the surgery, the center called to say they had a cancellation, and could he make the 9:00 slot? Yes! The surgery went “great” according to the doctor and he had no side effects. There were a couple of watery issues with a leaking, gurgling humidifier and a spilled cup of water.

Postscript.  The woman who had the afternoon slot was in the room next to Mike. He said she was sick all night. The surgery center called today, a day early, to see how Mike was doing. After the normal questions about his current condition, she asked if there were anything they could do better, and, specifically asked about his experience with the anesthesiologist. I may be reading more into that than warranted, but it’s suggestive about that afternoon slot.

Cold liquids to soothe the throat

Before the surgery, we made a creamy potato/leek soup. I’ve been eating the leftovers today. I can’t handle hot foods yet, so Kathi just barely warmed it up, leading to endless jokes about slaving over a lukewarm stove.

I’ve been trying to stay hydrated, so I’ve been switching between ice water, Gatorade, and apple cider. The doctor wants me to take in calories, so I’m avoiding the sugar free stuff. Which means that I’m getting meh on the sweet drinks, so water is topping the list.

As far as the cold food goes, I tried both slushies and a frozen yogurt/sorbet blend today. Both were yummy. I hope to try some ice cream tomorrow.

T-day plus one

We were both up early yesterday and glad that the snow storm tracked north. The plains needed the moisture, we didn’t. There was not much traffic, so we made good time in the Subaru. I got to ring the bell at the check-in desk. I resisted the temptation to ring it like Joe Pesci did in “My Cousin Vinnie.”

The staff at the surgery center was really nice. That’s what we’ve come to expect at Skyridge. We filled out the forms and it didn’t take very long to complete the check in and get me ready for the O/R.

I met the anesthesiologist. He was concerned about the size of my tonsils and how little space that would leave for the breathing tube. I was amazed at how much was going to be going on. Sure, my friends call be a big-mouth, but the tube plus two surgeons’s hands seemed to be pushing it.

They wheeled me into the O/R at 9:17. Elton John’s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” was playing on the speakers. I complimented the team on their choice of music, then asked the anesthesiologist how much of this I would remember. He said that I wouldn’t remember anything after he gave me the sedative. I do remember trying to remember what the song was that came on after Elton John, but I can’t.

When I came to, I started talking. People in the room stopped what they were and looked in at me in amazement. Apparently it’s not very common to talk immediately after having the tonsils out. I was also able to breathe through my nose, which seemed unusual because of all gauze that was stuffed up in there.

Kathi came in and we passed the next ten hours or so chatting and reading a book from the Horatio Hornblower series. I drank water, a lot of water, then more water, plus some juice. I ate mashed potatoes, mac ‘n cheese, jello, and some pudding.

Sometime in the afternoon, my surgeon checked in on me. He thought that I was doing great. He actually used the word “great.” Made me feel sorry since I was blowing the curve for everyone else.

For some reason, I’d noticed that his name was spelled incorrectly on the footer to his post-op instructions. “Heads will roll” because he’d been using that form for a couple of years and no one had noticed.

We also noticed that the “atomic clock” in the room was off by an hour. Since it was on the wall directly in front of me, I felt compelled to ask the staff to fix it. Those things are way more difficult to set up than they should be.

For the most part, the pain wasn’t too bad. I tried the “lollipops,” but that just made things worse. They kind of numb and paralyze at the same time. I ended up choking on water since I couldn’t feel the liquid or figure out how to swallow with no muscle control.

After Kathi left, I tried sleeping. There too many hoses and lines coming and going, so that didn’t work out very well. To put it mildly, I was very tired when they released me at 6:00 this morning. Luckily for me, Kathi was driving and we made it home safely. Go Subaru, go!

I got settled in and set up in the comfy recliner in the family room. Kathi and I chatted some more, and I feel asleep for an hour or two, then got up to take the medications. That will likely be the largest part of my day for the next few weeks.

T-day minus one

Tonight I am enjoying my last meal before the tonsillectomy. And adenooidectomy, assuming that is really a word. Salad with chicken breast and blue cheese dressing. Yummy.

We went shopping tonight. I’m stocked up on the Otter brand pops, pudding, and soft, mushy soups.

Good luck!

Picking up the violin again

Just had the violin in for maintenance. Replaced the pegs and adjusted the sound post. Sounds a bit better now. Am trying to remember the skills needed to play.

Sing us a song

The visit to the back doctor went well. He’s happy with his work, so no followups needed. He referred me to another doctor for the problem with my collarbone. I saw that doctor this morning. Learned stuff about the clavicle that was obvious once I learned it but I had no clue about before. Anyway, the good news is that it pops forwards, not backwards. Backwards is bad, forwards is something that can be ignored. I am scheduled for an MRI to verify that there’s nothing wrong with the joint. More news next week.

Rockin’ Robin

Good visit to the ID doctor today. “Ecstatic” seems to be the best way to describe her reaction to my condition. Barring a relapse, I’m off the rifampin for good! I’ll be back in to see her in early December.

A Spamming We Will Go

Just completed my second piano lesson. I’m a bit taken back by the speed of it all. I was more than half-expecting to keep on “Twinkle, Twinkle” and “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” for a few more weeks. No such luck. We’re going through the book pretty quickly.

I went back to the physical therapist today. Tara’s back, she had a boy. Sounds like they’re doing well. I put the wrong time in my calendar and when we rescheduled, I was booked with her instead of Jay. I was feeling pretty good when I went in, can’t say the same for when I left. She gave me a new set of exercises to increase the challenge. Did they ever. I have faith that they’ll help more in the long run than they hurt in the short, so I’ll keep at them.

When the Saints go marchin’ in

Been a while. Things have been transitioning back to normal. I’m back to speed at work, caught up on most of what didn’t go on while I was out. The back’s feeling a lot better (the physical therapy really helped with that). I’m more mobile and getting mobiler all the time. Cut back on the anti-biotics, which seems like a good thing.

Major change would be that I’m putting down the violin and picking up the piano and guitar (figuratively, not literally). Start lessons with both this week. I plan to keep plunking away at the bass (literally, not figuratively) in my spare time.

We’re still excited about the work being done on the basement. It’s been pretty amazing watching the transformation.

Back on the PT wagon

Started up more physical therapy sessions last week. I’m hoping to get some strength back in the shoulders and upper back as well as work out the stiffness in the back and ribs. First two sessions were pretty mild stuff. Stretching, some light exercises, tissue work and heat.

The last session, the one on Monday, was more serious. I’m still sore from the squats and cable rows. Took some Tylenol today to help with the pain. May soak in the tub tonight, too.